Very satisified with the report of DMIT. This analysis helps us to understand our potential and capabilities, so that one can choose career in which easily successed. The presentation of report is very simple. The summary at the end is easily understandable to everyone.

Ajit Talekar-26 Years
(Civil Engineer)

Learning and Communication Style

Cognitive Learner

  • They like Self-discovery in pursuit of knowledge.
  • Will take own initiative to seek knowledge and find answer.
  • Somewhat self-centered.
  • Strong believer in own beliefs and knowledge.

Affective Learner

  • Easily influenced by environment, learn by example.
  • Learn by imitation, with high degree of acceptance in learning.
  • Sociable, easy going, avoid conflicts.
  • Tend to listen to other people‚Äôs opinions.

Reflective Learner

  • Thrive on setting new standards and challenges.
  • Creative love challenges, thinks out of the box, rebellious.
  • Search for difference, unique personality style.
  • Tend to do things without concerning others, self centered.